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Gala drinking

 Gala drinking

What is the meaning of drinking a guarantee?

Gala drinking is a drinking party where a man invites a woman to a drinking party and pays money (a gala) as a reward for her participation .

Gyara drinking

How to participate in the guarantee drink

Participate from the app

The Gala Drinking App is a system in which the management side intervenes and matches men and women who want to drink a gala . Payment is not handed over directly at the drinking party, but is deposited via bank transfer through the app, so there is no need to worry about money problems.

In addition, men are required to submit an ID when joining, and there is a service where you can receive support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so there are merits that female cast members can participate with peace of mind.

When you feel lonely drinking or eating alone, or when you want to relax while talking with a woman, one-on-one drinking is becoming popular.

Apps for gala drinking

pato (Pato)

Pato is the number one recommended drinking app.
pato is an overwhelmingly well-
 known guaranteed drinking app.

It has a reputation for matching men who want to attract girls and girls who want to earn pocket money in as little as 30 minutes.
Girls are screened when registering for cast, and the interview pass rate is a whopping 10%!

There are only girls who have passed through a narrow gate, so it is recommended for girls who have a high level of appearance and customer service and people who want to drink .

Matching can be done in as little as 30 minutesThe level
of girls is high

Membership More than 200,000 people

Member age group

Men: 20s to 60s
Women: 20s to 30s

Charges for men (Tokyo)

Premium girls : From ¥ 9,500/hour
VIP girls : From ¥14,000/hour
Royal VIP girls From ¥25,000/hour

No. 2 recommendationaima


aima is a matching service that supports nationwide . There is no app as aima, but a system that connects to LINE and accesses the site.

In addition to drinking parties with a large number of people, you can also have 1: 1 meals and dates, so it is a great feature that you can use it for serious love and marriage .

If you match, you can exchange messages in advance.
At aima, where you can easily register, most of the female cast members are students in their early twenties who have no experience working night shifts. In addition, it seems that there are many OLs and shop clerks.

There is no photo screening or interview for girls who want to be cast, so they can participate in the guarantee drinking from the day they register, but the starting hourly wage is 1,400 yen, which is lower than other guarantee drinking services.

However, it is possible to register with friends and participate in the same drinking party, so it is recommended as a first time drinking party. Face appearance and real name are not required, so you can use it without being exposed.

Membership More than 130,000 people

Member age group

Men: 20s to 40s
Women: 20s

Charges for men (Tokyo)

: ¥2,400/hour
★★: ¥3,600/hour
★★★: ¥6,000/hour
★★★★: ¥10,800/ hour
★★★★★: ¥15,600/hour
★★★★★ : From 30,000 yen/hour

Recommended 3rd place ... glass (glass)


glass is the latest guarantee drinking matching service released in February 2021.

More than 80% of the girls are college students and office workers, and the male members are characterized by a large number of rich members such as managers, executives, professionals, foreign companies and employees of major companies .

Currently available areas are Tokyo, metropolitan area (Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama), Kansai (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto), Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Sendai, Shizuoka, Kobe, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kumamoto, Okinawa.
Only 10% of glass cast members pass the examination, so there are high-level beauties.

The criteria for hiring cast members is to be beautiful and have a good personality, and one of the features is that many of the cast members are inexperienced in the industry .

There are more beautiful girls than cute girls, and in the VVIP class, which is the highest rank, you can spend an extraordinary time with a cast that looks like a celebrity.

Membership More than 10,000 people

Member age group

Men: No data
Women: 20s

Charges for men (Tokyo)

Group call
girls : 2,750pt
girls : 4,750pt
girls : 7,500pt

Solo call 3,900pt

The cost of arranging on Gala drinking : $90

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