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We provide dating arrangment service for foreigners who are interested in dating a Japanese woman throught very trustful and confidential dating sites

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Dear prospective clients,

I am an owner of this site where I like to offer many variety of dating sites to foreigners. Let me explain why I decide to create this site to foreigners.

I am not young, but have traveled many countries for my life for private, business or sight seeing.

I went college in U.S when I was young, First to Minnesota and then later transfer to Louisiana. Luckly I stayed at very good American family and had many American friends in Minnesota and a very nice friend in Louisiana.

However, I could not finish college in Louisiana with my major in Petroleum engineer which so many terminology I could not understand. Later I regretted that I should have had some working experience at the oil field prior to taking a course of Petroleum engineer so that I could understand the outline of petroleum business and the terminology.

I came back to Japan and have worked a couple companies where I visited several countries for business trip, South Korea more than 10 times, U.K, and U.S more than 10 times,(New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC and Dayton (OH) )

At 40 years old, I divorced and lost a job where I work for wife’s family business. With shocked and lost, I traveled to Costa Rica and stayed there for 6 months, which was one of my best time for my life. I met a Peru-American and a Canadian guys there and we were almost same age and became a very good friend and had so many fun time with them. Girls at Latin countries were very fun and easy going.

Through visiting or living foreign countries, I realized it would be much fun and enjoyable if you had a woman or girlfriend there.

For example, business trip to abroad. You have clear responsibility for what you have to do on the business trip and have to adjust yourself with the time difference as well. At night after releasing from the pressure from work, you feel some kind of boring and loneliness, and desire some kind of excitement for fun. That’s what you need a woman.

Or if you live a certain period of time in a foreign country, you feel strongly to desire to have a woman. Because it’ s lonely and boring to be alone for living a foreign country.

That is why I started to provide this service to foreigners who come to Japan for business, sightseeing or stay in Japan at a certain period of time, whatever the purposes are.

So both visiting for business or living in a foreign country, I realized man needs woman very much.

So I hope you will enjoy in yourself while you are in Japan.

My motto : Enjoy a life

Life is short so men have to enjoy our lives no matter what and no matter how old you are. I am a very positive thinking and challenging person. I think I will continue in challenging my life until die.

I am also a very honest, easy going and fun person. No drink, no smoke and no complaint, just keep on trying and challenging.

If you have any questions, please contact to me at

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