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Golf companion in Japan


Golf companion 

You can bring a girl to a golf course and play with her

Meet Golf

[Official] If you want to play a round with a female professional, meet Golf (

Play golf with a professional Japanese female golfer

Golf Pal


App for finding a partner whom you like to play a golg with


Gole | Golf matching app (

Dating app by playing golf


ROUND | Round invitation golf app | Round matching (

app to find a golf playing partner

Chat Noir

Golf companion ( model ) – Tokyo, Osaka

Golf Companion | Chat Noir Model Agency (


App for a golf partner to play with – nation wide


Golf matching

matching a golf girl to play with

[Complete membership system & nomination system] Round invitation service "Golf matching Lip" | Watch the self-introduction video of the industry's first golf girl and nominate a golf girl! ︎ (golf—


matching a golf girl to play with

[Golwho] - A golf community app where golf lovers gather (

The cost of arranging for golf companion : $90

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