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Tokyo speed date

 Tokyo Speed Date

You can have a date today.

You have a free time and you want to meet a girl now or you want to have a date today? No problem. Luckily there are dating sites in Japan that provide the section of “ want to meet today or want to meet now “

Thus if you do not have a time to spending message exchanges with girls, here are dating apps(sites) that work for dating a girl now or today for you.

No message exchanges needed, but rather deciding the date and the location of dating spot at first.

Here we introduce 3 most popular and trustful dating sites that you can meet Japanese girls without exchanging messages.


Member : over 17,000,000

Cost : 3,700 Yen per month on web

4,400 Yen per month on mobile

One of the popular dating app (site) , Tapple the second largest number of membership for dating app in Japan, has a function of “ Odekake Kinou (going out for date)

This Odekake Kinou (going out for date) is set up by girl ( by girl only ) , a dating plan which includes the location and the schedule for the date. If you like to have a date with this girl, you send her request for the dating. Once she approves, the date is set up.

There is a dating plan that includes “ date today or date now” in the Odekake Kinou (going out for date) thus you can meet a girl today with Tapple

How it works.

1. Add your dating plan

2. Invite girls whom you are interested in to your dating plan.

3. Girl send you " like " on your dating plan

4. Exchange some messages with her and arrange for dating.


You can register the site with your nickname, no need real name


The concept of Dine is “make one date rather than a hundred of message exchanges

The system of Dine is easy. You set up a date at a restaurant which is chosen by Dine and if girl shows interest in your dating plan with that restaurant and will send you a request for dating.

Once you approve it, it all set up. No need to make a reservation for that restaurant. The dating and the reservation for that restaurant will be automatically set up.

There are many restaurants chosen by Dine and all you have to do is to select the one you want to have a date with a girl.

Also Dine has a function of “ Dine tonight “ which you can search girls who want to have a date today.

15,000 dating every month through Dine. Easiest and fastest dating available

Member : 20's, 30's and 40's .

Cost : 3,900 Yen per month under 22 years old

6,500 Yen per month over 23 years old

Dine Tonight

What good on Dine Tonight is the speed dating. you can meet a girl that night you register.

How it works on Dine Tonight.

1. Select a restaurant that you like to invite

2. Your selection appears on Dine Tonight automatically.

3. Girl send you " like " on your dating plan

4. The site arranges the date and make a reservation on restaurant automatically.

You do nothing on dating plan, just wait the site arranges on your dating plan.

Batchlar date

Member : Men 30's, 40's and 50's

Women 20's and 30's

Based on the concept of "the best encounter with the fastest", you can meet a women today or tonight with Bachelor date

It also guarantees "once a week date".

This site is for relatively high status men and women

42% of men have an annual income of 10 million yen or more, and it is a screening-based app recommended for high-spec men and women.


The occupations for those who passed Bachelor date for men

Manager + Manager (34%)
Doctor + Lawyer (12%)
Trading Company + Finance + Consulting (35%)


Women : Office workers, models, beauties salon, students

It is said more beautiful women are registered on this site.

Women’s age range

18~23 years old 16.5%

25~29 years old 42%

30~34 years old 27%

AI will automatically arrange for date on every week. By selecting your convenient day and time for every week, AI will arrange your date every week.

Complete examination system (two-stage examination)

There is a registration examination.(Identity verification: driver's license, passport, etc.)
Participate on a date after registration, and if you get a high evaluation, you will pass

Safe and secure service quality management system

After the date, all users evaluate the other party.
Users with problems will be suspended on the same day.[I


1. light plan 9,800/month
4 women per month average appearance

2. basic plan 19,800/month
4 women per month better appearance

3. Premium plan 29,800/month
4 women per month premium appearance


No face or body shown

Photos and real names will not be published.

You can have a love life without being caught by friends and acquaintances!

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