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We provide dating arrangment service for foreigners who are interested in dating a Japanese woman throught very trustful and confidential dating sites

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Happy mail

Happy mail

Happy Mailone of the oldest and running more than 18 years for the Japanese dating site, attracting the largest membership for the hookup dating site in Japan, has accumulated membership is more than


There are so many different types of member, college students, office workers, housewives, with the different ages, hobbies, and preferences.

The most popular feature of this hookup dating site is the variation of the user’s activities, ranging from a dinner date, seeking a casual friend, looking for the same hobby or a hot date for an exciting night.

On the bulletin board, there are two board sections, one for casual dating and another for adult dating where both board are tons of messages.

By browsing, you can find a member who is categorlized into height, weight, personalities and even photos of membership to get connected.

For a dinner date, a casual dating, serious date or


more than 14,000,000 member

age range for women’s member

10’ ~ 20’ more than 60.0 %

age range for men’s member

30’ largest member

40’ ~ 50’ fairly number of member


the largest member of the Japanese hookup dating site

that connect other member very easily

with so many features in the member board, the bulletin board and others, the site can get you connected very smooth on your preferences

Big sales promotion to web, magazine and ads on the buildings in big cities

One of the largest member among Hookup dating sites in Japan

more than 60% of women member are 10’ ~ 20’

Security monitoring for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


create a profile

read receiving message

send photos

write a diary

read diary

comment on diary

browsing profiles

browsing photos


1 point 10 Yen

bulletin board

See bulletin board 1 point

write down on bulletin board 5 points

See photo on bulletin board 2 points

send a message on bulletin board 5 point


See profile 1 point

See photo on profile 3 points

send a message from profile 5 point


send a message from diary 0 point


get in a chat room 1 point

create own chat room 5 point


Credit card

Bank transfer

Prepaid cash

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