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Hottest pick up street in Tokyo

 Hottest pick up street in Tokyo

How to pick up Japanese girls in Ginza Corridor Street!

Ginza Korido street

The purple colored areas are main pick up street

In recent year, Ginza Corridor Street has become a hot spot for young people in Tokyo!

Weekends (Fridays) are full of men and women looking to meet!

Corridor Street has become such a divine pick-up spot.

There are many men and women in their late 20s to 30s and 40s.

bars, izakayas, karaoke, etc. are lined up in a place where you can easily enter, and pick-ups, social gatherings, girls' parties, etc. are held at night!

Women can be called out to you just by walking! !!

All the men are picking up, so even beginners can pick up with peace of mind! !!

It's not scary if everyone crosses the red light.

Rather, there are only a few guys who are not for the purpose of picking up. You can do it, Nampa!! She's waiting for you!!!!

Among the main zones, the big favorite is in front of HUB.

Recently, standing drinking margin is also hot.

This restaurant has been steadily gaining popularity for the past year.

It's easy to pick up in front of this restaurant. From, standing drinking! !!

The strong one is in front of a standing drinking shop

By the way,it's okay to be alone! !!

Don't lick the high potential of the men who live in the corridor.

Even if they are lonely, they are the ones who talk to the child they are looking for.

Especially Corridor Street just before the last train on Friday is amazing.

It's all about time.

The most exciting time is after 21:30 p.m. on Friday until around the last train.

Friday is the best time to get started.

But there were too many people, and the outdoor club was a little too crowded. It's not safe.

Beginners might want to try "Pre-Friday" (also known as "Hanagi") on Thursday nights first.

[Royal Road of the Corridor]

Three sacred places for the important figures of the Izumogana Corridor. SNAPPER,HUB CORRIDOR STORE, RIB HOUSE & OCEAN HOUSE .

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