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Dating companion in Japan

 Dating with a companion girl

On this section, there are three types of companion service available.

Normal companion girl

Soft companion girl

Pink companion girl

Nomi girls selection

Information on prices and plans | Tokyo companion dispatch | Drinking girls selection | (

Tokyo pink companion

1 to 1! Playing with Pink Companion by yourself | If you want to dispatch a super companion, leave it to Pink Companion Tokyo! (


Pink companion plan for one person (

King of peach

Date with Pink Companion! | If you plan and arrange a pink companion, Momoiro no Ousama (


デートコンパニオン・レンタル彼女との違い (


How to enjoy a date companion | Companion Club Reve (


Please use IRIS, a high-class companion that gathers beautiful women in Tokyo, when you go on a date in Ginza or on a business trip to Tokyo. You can enjoy it in various situations such as sightseeing in Tokyo. (

Companion Tokyo

コンパニオン宴会・派遣 – コンパニオン東京 (

Pink Companion

Pink companion plan for one person (

The cost of arranging for dating companion : $90

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