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We provide dating arrangment service for foreigners who are interested in dating a Japanese woman throught very trustful and confidential dating sites

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How to sign up Wakuwaku mail


Wakuwaku mail

Blue botton for men Pink botton for women

Click blue botton

It shows below page

Nick name

Living place

Date of birth

Nick name write down your favorite name

Living place select your living place

Date of birth select your birth date    

you can change those Nick name, living place and date of birth

later any time you like.

After filling out, scroll down, then it shows the page for

telephone number and password 

The telephone number is for preventing double registration or frauid registration done by gyosha ( organizations which promote dirty business). It will never contact to you , only registration purpose only.

Fill out your favorite password

Click the bottom

Verification on your telephone number

Choose SMS verification or Telephone verification

SMS verification

Telephone number verification

After clicking the botton,

auto record by saying “ accepted “ will be announced

Regiaration for mail address

Go to

My page – setting – mail address setting

click botton for mail address setting, it will automatically appear the mail page, just click send

you will receive URL from wakuwaku mail, just click URL, then your mail address is registered.

Age verification

The easiest method for age verification is by using your credit card.

Buy 100 Yen ( around 70 cents ) by your credit card, then it will be automatically verified with your age. Off course you will receive 10 points of 100 Yen on Wakuwa mail to use.

Up to here, you have registered telephone number, mail address and age verification and completed all necessary processes to activate for wakuwaku mail.

Price system

1P1S10 Yen





Profile viewing


Sending a message


Receiving and reading a message


Viewing the main photo


Viewing other photos


Posting your message on the bulletin board


Reading the response from girls on the board


Leaving a smile


Leaving good


Bulletin board of Wakuwaku mail

Bulletin board

We recommend to choose “ a meal with you “ at the pure bulletin board because it will be faster and easier to meet a woman.

A woman also feel more secure to meet you at the restaurant for the first meeting.

Bulletin board

a meal with you “

On bulletin board, select ` meal with you ` setion

a meal with you

Select and write down your plan for the meal

select Area

select what you want to eat

write down the title of your plan

write down the content of your plan

select the date of your plan

The popular meals that women show interested in are steak,

Barbecue, pasta, sushi and traditional Japanese foods

On setting the date for “ a meal with you “ you can choose, today, tomorrow, after tomorrow, let talk about it

we recommend to choose after tomorrow or let talk about it

Do not rush up for the first date because woman is very nervous for the first meeting.

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