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We provide dating arrangment service for foreigners who are interested in dating a Japanese woman throught very trustful and confidential dating sites

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PC Max

PC Max

PC Max, running more than 10 years for the Japanese dating site, the biggest weapon for this site is the promotion. In fact PC max is everywhere in the market. Internet web promotion, magazine, on the street, on the building and many more and that will bring huge new registration on this site, many active member, and lots of new registration.

As a result, PC max has become the most popular hookup dating site in Japan creating many active member, lots of features and many active communities that make member to connect other member very easy.

There are many features that member can get connected each other for dating by PC max including The bulletin board for dating, profiling, diary and chat room.

The bulletin board for dating which is the most popular feature on PC max brings more than 150,000 messages including over 30,000 photo message daily on the board, making member find it get connected very easily.

Message on the board including let exchange message first, looking for a friend to play game, looking for a date at similar age, group dating and many more.

On the bulletin board, there are two board sections, one for casual dating and another for adult dating where both board are tons of messages. If you are interested in casual dating, visit the casual dating and get connected.  But if you are interested in hot dating, the board for adult dating is sure for working on you.

On profiling, other than normal profiling, there are secret profiling or 100 questions profiling which both profiling will bring more information on member’s personalities.

On the chat room, there are many rooms such as for the beginners, private, group and many other.


more than 500,000 active member

age range for women’s member

10’        9.5 %
20’      57.5 %
30’      17.0 %
40’      12.5 %
50’        3.5 %


popular features of The bulletin board for dating, profiling, diary and chat


Big sales promotion to web, magazine and others to bring a lot of new

member to this site

the largest active member among Hookup dating sites in Japan

most well known and reputed hookup dating app among Japanese users

high percent of actual dating due to large active member

Lots of young member, mainly 20’

Security monitoring for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


create a profile

read receiving message

send photos

write a diary

read diary

comment on diary


send/receive messages

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