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Watch out for SAKURA ( Scammer )

In general term SAKURA means cherry blossom in Japanese. Very beautiful word, isn’t it.

Unfortunately, however, when we refer to SAKURA on dating site, it means scammer.

In fact there are many SAKURA(scammer) on dating sites. Most of companies who run the dating sites tries to eliminate those scammers, but eliminating SAKURA(scammer) 100% from the dating sites are virtually impossible.

Let’s face it. There are scammers on every occasion in a daily life. Banking, investment, real estate, employment and many more. So those jerks are everywhere on our daily life.

Dating sites are not exceptional. There are jerks who tries to rip off your money. It is believed that those SAKURA(scammer) is associated with some organizations or companies. We call it GYOSHA in Japanese on the dating sites.

In Japanese term GYOSHA, it means not an individual, but organizations or companies who pretend like an individual, sign in a dating site and try to cheat other member.

Again, most of companies who run the dating sites tries are eager to eliminate those scammers by 24 hours monitoring security check, but eliminating SAKURA(scammer) 100% is virtually impossible.

So you also have to be cautious on using the Japanese dating sites with general common senses.

More than 10 years ago when I had been running a matchmaking business in Tokyo, I got a mail from a Japanese guy. He said he was going to send money of $4,000 to a girl in Russia for marriage.

I said to him “ Are you stupid ? ” You have not met her before and you have never talked to her before and you were going to get married to her ? Some kind of joke ? He is over 40 years old and a girl is very pretty and young. How can a pretty & young girl get married to a man who has never met and never talked before ?

Use your common senses, I said to him in a mail. After exchanging several mails to him, he finally understood what I have said and he had not sent any money to her at all. It was a Russian scammer. So when you use the Japanese dating site, use your common senses as well.

Here are tips on how to avoid SAKURA(scammer) on the Japanese dating sites.

Avoid “A girl profile with only one very beauty photo”.

If it is multiple photos, it’s OK. But it’s only one very beauty photo, approach her with cautious. There is a quite possibility of scammer.

Also if a young & pretty Japanese girl jumps on you for dating right after your registration, watch out. This could be another scammer. Let’s face it. On your daily life, a young & pretty girl jumps on you for dating so easily?

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