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Hook up apps in Japan for foreigner

Japanese hooking up sites for foreigner

Are you interested in dating with a Japanese girl in Tokyo ? or do you want to have a hot night in Tokyo for flirting with a Japanese girl in Tokyo?

As more foreigner live in Japan, more business men come to Tokyo for business trips and more foreign tourists come to Japan for sightseeing, more than ever foreigners are seeking a date with Japanese girls.

The fact is it’s not so easy as foreigners think of picking up Japanese girls on the street, at foreign bars or clubs or at any places to pick up Japanese girls.

Here what we try to do is to help foreigners find a Japanese girl easier, less time consuming and wider selection of different type of Japanese girls.

Dating or hookup apps & sites

1. register and make your profile in Japanese on the specific app(s) or site(s) you request

Registration Fee 1,000 Yen ( $10 ) per app or site

2. give you advises on how to use it, how to find girls, how to send like to her/him, and other functions on that site will be explained.  Free

3. give you advises on dating with Japanese girls”  Free

4. give you advises on how to go out with Japanese girls    Free

5. give you advises on your clothing for dating with Japanese girls Free

6. help you find and give you advises on whether she/he is good for you or not Free

browsing and finding your ideal Japanese girls at the apps or sites

Finding girls/guys 1,000 Yen ( $10 )

Double chances to find a Japanese girl for dating

For dating in Tokyo, there are double chances for foreigner to find Japanese girls for a date.

1. dating apps & sites for romance

Not seeking serious relationship now but want to have romance or romantic relationship with Japanese girls, these dating sites are just for you.

2. hookup/casual dating

Looking for only one night stand for girl, these dating sites are for you.

There are boundary between dating sites and hookup dating sites, however, you could find a Japanese girl at hookup dating site for romance or could find a Japanese girl at dating site for one night stand.

Just take look at below chart for dating and hookup dating site

Category for Japanese dating or matchmaking apps or sites

hookup/casual dating


Serious relationship

Happy mail
Wakuwaku mail
PC max




Tokyo calendar

Cross me

Eve Eve

You bride


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