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Why our services are more chances and more girls to meet for dating in Tokyo !

Why our services are more chances and more girls to meet for dating in Tokyo !

Dating & hookup dating

I often encounter articles on dating in Japan such as does tinder work in Japan? Is Bumble popular in Japan? What is the most popular dating apps ? “ and so on.

My advise is just simple and clear. Just go for Japanese originated dating or hookup apps or sites only, not foreign originated ones if you really want a dating or meeting Japanese girls in Tokyo.

The reasons ?

Surely you could meet Japanese girls with those foreign originated dating apps or sites, but their member are so small compared to the registered member of the Japanese originated dating apps or sites.

In other words your chance to Japanese girls are not so big, particularly if you seek a diversity of Japanese girls, appearance, age, education, career, location, family background and others.

Just take a look at th article and video, and also the number of registered member at Japanese dating apps and sites.

registered number for Japanese originated dating/hookup apps & sites

Dating apps & sites

With                   700,000

Crossme           450,000

Eveeve              800,000

Youbride           440,000

Omiai             2,000,000

Pairs              3,500,000

Tokyo calendar  10,000  selective

total more than 8 million member ( men & women in total )

hookup apps & sites

PCMax       more than 14 million member registered for grand total

HappyMail  more than 12 million member for grand total

Foreign originated dating/hookup dating sites

Japancupid com


OKcupid Japan





These are all foreign originated, not Japanese dating sites. I do not know the registered member, but I could say that the Japanese registered member for those foreign sites are not so many compared to those Japanese originated dating apps or sites.


What are the important factors that you will find your favorite girl from wider selection and more possibility of meeting a new girl with limited time in Tokyo ?

more member for women to meet

more different types of women to meet

The diversity for appearance, age, education, locations and others for Japanese women

At the Japanese originated dating apps & sites, they got so many diversity of Japanese women who you are looking for.

Nation wide dating

At foreign originated dating sites, most of Japanese member are from Tokyo, a few from other cities. Japanese originated dating or hookup dating sites, however, member are all over Japan, thus you will have a chance to meet a Japanese girl at local area.


Many functions on finding girls through dating and hookup sites.


you can find a ton of Japanese girls through browsing the profiles of registered member.

Bulletin board

On bulletin board many girls leave their comments on what they want. You can find girls by checking the bulletin board and contact to her.


Dinner at first

let have a drink

meet now

Looking for a friend

Casual friend

Dating after exchanging emails

The answer would be simple. Enough member to choose from to meet your preferences and conditions for your dating.

At Tokyobeating, we can offer more member than any other ways

6 dating apps & sites with more than 8 million member

6 hookup sites with more than 20 million for grand total.


As you see the number of the registered member at Japanese dating and hookup dating sites, there will be high possibility that you can meet many Japanese girls for dating through those sites.

We can provide services for those Japanse originated dating and hookup dating sites for foreigner and your chance for dating a Japanese girl would be surely enhanced.

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