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How to get a hookup date with PC Max


How to get a date for hookup on PC Max

Probably the fastest and easiest way to meet a woman for a date will be to use “bulletin board” on PC Max which is very popular and most useful way to meet a woman.

On bulletin board, there are mainly two types of bulletin board, “ Pure “ and “ Adult

Pure Bulletin

Sample of Pure Bulletin Board messages

let’s exchange message first

let’s go out now

looking for guy who has the same hobby with me

Let’s have lunch or dinner today

looking for a boyfriend seriously

Pure Bulletin is mainly looking for a date

Unfortunately, however, some of those messages on Pure Bulletin Board are looking for sexual partner because those messages are often created by women who look for sex exchange for money.

Adult Bulletin

Sample of Adult Bulletin Board messages

board of erotic photos

Erotic mail and chat are OK

Pervert wanted

Abnormal relationship wanted

Married men OK

Adult Bulletin is mainly looking for hookup

On Adult bulletin board, there are tons of message listed up. Unfortunately however, lots of those messages are created by “Gyosha=Scammers” or girls who want a money for exchanging for sex.

Man even can create your plan once a days at “Pure bulletin board”. However very few girls will send you message, so if you want a date with a woman, better to go to girls message on “Pure bulletin board

However, there are certainly amateur girls who look for date, boyfriend or more.

This is how you can find if she is an amateur girl or not

title and message

Avoid these kinds of title and message

never experience in intercourse by now”

do not care for age differences for man”

looking for virgin guy”

looking for a date with me now”

Do you think those messages are created by amateur girls ? Off course not because amateur girls in Japan will not express this kind of messages in public. Amateur girls in Japan are shy in general and do not express these kind of messages openly. They are surely created by Scammers=Gyoshas.

So avoid girls who put these kinds of messages or titles on the bulletin board


Judge by photos that are uploaded for the girl profile.

If she uploads pretty looking photos on her profile, watch out. Mostly this profile is created by Scammers=Gyoshas. Why ? If she is such a pretty girl, she already has boyfriends, one or more.

So if you really want to meet a Japanese girl on PC Max,

1. Go to Pure bulletin board

2. Browse girl’s files and find a girl who wrote a modest, not a provocative title or message.

3. Avoid very pretty looking girls on their profiles.

4. Approach her with proper manner and attitude

5. Be a gentleman for the first contact.

As you can see, there are many know-how or techniques that you should know or avoid for using Japanese hookup apps. PC Max is one of the most popular hookup app in Japan and lots of men can meet women for hookup dating by using PC Max every day.

However there are certainly some techniques or know-how you should know before using this hookup app which is very difficult for foreigners to understand.

So it will be better to count on us. We will give you useful advises in using Japanese dating apps for hookup.

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