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Hookup date with a mature woman in Japan

 How to date for hookup with beautiful Japanese mature woman.

Among many other dating apps in Japan, there are some dating apps that attract beautiful mature women for hookup.

Here are the top 3 hookup apps that attract beautiful Japanese mature women for dating.

                               number of mature women

Wakuwaku Mail            130,000

Happy Mail                    260,000

PC Max             220,000

Age range of dating apps users in Japan


20s      35%

30s      29%

40s      16%

50s      14%

Browsing results of mature women with photos and their message

Happy Mail

Happy mail starts its hookup dating business since 2000, thus accumulated member for the app is over 27 millions including 26000 mature women.

Happy mail is equipped with GPS

Number of mature women  260,000

PC Max

PC max has a function of “waiting for appointment”, which women leave messages, such as want to go out for dinner, let have a fun for now and so on.

By using this “waiting for appointment” function, you can find mature women so easy for dating.

Number of mature women  220,000

Wakuwaku Mail

Wakuwaku mail has over 9 millions of member and has large number of mature member.

Although Happy mail and PC max have larger member, Wakuwaku mail has a system of “selfy acknowledge function” which can detect scammer=gyosha that is very useful service for avoiding scammers.

Number of mature women  130,000

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