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how to meet a Japanese girl for hookup today

You can date today or even in a couple hours with a Japanese girl

You have a time now or tomorrow and you want to meet a girl in a short time, not exchanging many messages.

There are dating sites for hookup that you can meet a girl today or tomorrow.

Here we pick up three casual dating apps for hookup that you could meet today or even now.

Happy mail

Wakuwaku mail

Wakuwaku mail

On the bulletin board of wakuwaku mail, there are many girls who ask for a date today or even now.

Up to 25 millions member accumulated so far, wakuwaku mail is one of the largest hookup app in Japan, so you could search girls who are looking for date today or even now at the bulletin board.

Age range of women

20s 55%
0s 37%

On the bulletin board, there are many categories such as “ let meet now ”  “ let have lunch or dinner today “ and others so that you can find and meet a girl in very quick way.


browsing files                FREE

message “ like “            20 Yen

send message              50 Yen

see photos with key      20 Yen

see diary                       FREE

send photos                  20 Yen

Happy mail

The largest Japanese dating app for hookup

27 millions member accumulated up to today.

Age range of women

20s 58%
0s 31%
40s 11%

There are two bulletin boards, Pure and Adult

Try “ let meet now” at Pure bulletin board


registration                       FREE

browsing files                   FREE

message “ like “               10 Yen

send message                 50 Yen

see photo on profile         10 Yen

see bulletin board            10 Yen

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