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We provide dating arrangment service for foreigners who are interested in dating a Japanese woman throught very trustful and confidential dating sites

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Dating in Japan

Dating in Japan

Dating in Japan

Best Dating sites and hookup apps in Japan : Meet beautiful & sexy Japanese woman in Tokyo or any other cities in Japan

Finding Japanese women to date and hookup with can be challenging or with difficulties due to language barrier and different culture, while hookup apps and dating sites are a great way to meet Japanese women.

To help save time and make an informed choice for foreigners, we have created a list of the best dating sites and services to meet Japanese women in Tokyo or any other major cities to have fun. 

Those list are not only reliable and reputable but also offer unique features which are only available in Japan. So you don’t end up falling for a fake. We encourage you to take the time to review our recommendations and select the one that you think it is your desires and values.

In fact different sites cater to different tastes. So it can be a challenge to find the right site for you. In case you need more information or help, do not hesitate to contact to us. We are willing to help you out.

Pick up girls in Tokyo, Ginza Korido street

Girls are waiting for being picked up. Why not try it ?


You can approach any woman if your communication skill of Japanese are high


You need a certain level of communication skill of Japanese to attract woman. You do not know who she is until you talk to her

Hookup dating apps in Japan

There are 3 major hookup dating sites in Japan. 

Happy mail


Wakuwaku mail




You will find a hook up dating by those famous hookup sites in Japan. 


You can search girls any time you are available. By viewing profiles, you know who she is


There are many scammers in hookup dating sites and you need some knowledge of selecting a woman

Sugar daddy sites in Japan

you can meet lots of young and pretty women. Can avoid no show up


It costs certain amount of money

Rental girlfriend sites in Japan

Do you want a date with a pretty Japanese girl without hassle? 

Visit this site with Google Translate

[Tokyo] Rental girlfriend recommended comparison ranking 5 selections [Latest in 2023] | Match LiFe (

you can date a Japanese girl if you pay the fee

You could hold her hands, but no further
behaivor is prohibited

Gala drinking in Tokyo

Gala drinking - Japanese hookup dating apps –

What is Gala drinking ?

This site explain about Gala drinking


You can easily have enjoyable time with beautiful girl when you drink


Using by apps, there will be no negotiation between girl and client. On app there are many rules that you must follow to use it.

Companion dating services in Japan 

In Japan, there is a unique service called companion service, which beautiful and sexy Japanese women will serve for dating companion, golf companion and travel companion. 

Companion dating service in Japan - Japanese hookup dating apps –

Dating companion

Dating with a companion girl - Japanese hookup dating apps -

Golf companion

Golf companion in Japan - Japanese hookup dating apps -

Travel companion

Travel companion in Japan - Japanese hookup dating apps -


There are three types of service, normal, pink. You can have sexy service at pink


It is not cheap

Matching cafe in Tokyo

there are cafes in Tokyo where you can view girls and have a date if you and she have a match.


you can meet and have a date with a girl if you and she have matching.


Average looking girl, not super beauty

Speed dating apps in Japan

Tokyo speed date - Japanese hookup dating apps -

Bachelor date 


You can have a date with a Japanese girl now or today without showing ID and photo .


Only for higher status men


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