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Methods of dating a Japanese woman

Methods of dating a Japanese woman

In Japan, there are many ways to find a woman for dating, hookup and others to enjoy with.

Here we list up services you will enjoy in

1. Pick up girls in Tokyo

Ginza Korido street

Girls are waiting for being picked up. Why not try it ?

2. Hookup apps in Japan

There are 3 major hookup dating sites in Japan.

Happy mail


Wakuwaku mail




You will find a hook up dating by those famous hookup sites in Japan.

3. Sugar daddy sites in Japan

4. Rental girlfriends sites in Japan

Do you want a date with a pretty Japanese girl without hassle ? One of easiest way to have a date with a Japanese girl is to use Rental girlfriend service.

Visit this site with Google Translate

You can find many Rental girlfriend sites in Tokyo and will be able to see the profile with photo of registered girls. If you find a girl whom you want to have a date, then sign in the site and ask for a date with your favorite girl.

Later you will be informed a date, time and location to meet her.

5. Gala drinking in Tokyo

What is Gala drinking ?

Visit these sites with Google Translate to understand what it is

This site explain about Gala drinking

This site introduce Gala drinking apps that you can sign up

6. Happening bar in Tokyo

Visit this site with Google Translate

The 19 famous happning bars in Tokyo are listed

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