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How you can enjoy the Japanese dating sites

 How you can enjoy the

 Japanese dating sites

Pick up girls in Tokyo, Ginza Korido street

Girls are waiting for being picked up. Why not try it ?

Corridor Street is a restaurant district that runs along the tracks between JR Yurakucho Station and Shimbashi Station.

It's lined with delicious, reasonably priced eateries, and it's busiest on Friday and Saturday nights.

Needless to say, it's a pick-up spot, and it's a sacred place for office workers and office workers on weekend nights

In conclusion, both men and women are mainly in their 20s and 30s, and many of them like talking to people.

Also, many men and women come in groups of 2 to 4, so try to go in groups of 2 to 4 in order to successfully match with the opposite sex.
female characteristics

Meeting girls at standing bars
Corridor Street has many standing bars that are mainly aimed at meeting men and women.

Basically, women take a passive attitude to be approached by men.

If you want to "meet a good person", go proactively.

There are famous chain stores such as "Public Stand", "300BAR", "Standing Bar333", but I personally recommend "Public Stand".

It is important to have a gentlemanly consideration that warms the place, with the mindset that "the leading role is a woman".
It may seem like a high degree of difficulty, but it's not too hard, and it's okay to have an image of talking to a friend.

2. Hookup apps in Japan

How it works

1. You complete our registration form

2. We iwill send you the confirmation mail and if you have any questions, please ask us. If you have no questions and like to receive our service, please pay the service fee.

3. Once we confirmed your payment, we will inform you how it works.

4. We create your account at the site you prefer.
We advice what you should do and what you should not do on your activities at the site.
On activites of hookup site you need to pay to send a mail, viewing the profile

5. You upload Google translate at your computer or mobile phone and browse the member page with your language.

6. We encourage you to visit pure bulletin board to see the girl’s messages and also you create your message on the pure bulletin board

6. We provide you translation service when you send or receive the message to or from women.
When you choose girl, we advice because there are many scammers on hookup sites

7. If you decide to meet a woman for dating, we advice you what you be careful and aware of.

8. Any questions are always welcome

Registered member of Japanese hookup apps/sites

Happy mail            30,000,000

Wakuwaku mail    10,000,000

PC Max                  17,000,000

2. View the member page of Japanese hookup apps/sites

You can view the actual member page of Japanese hookup dating apps/sites and see the profiles of Japanese women who register the site. We will explain how the site works and how to use it.

If you would like to view the member page of hookup dating apps prior to become our member, please send mail to  We will send you login info to you.

Best choice

There are many ways that you can find a Japanese woman for hookup dating. Finding women at a bar or picking up a girl on the street are some of ways to get women for hookup.

When you consider the time efficiency and variation of women, however, hookup dating apps/sites will be a good choice.

Women registered on the sites are truly looking for hookup dating and you can find a woman based on your preferences such as appearance, location, age and otheruld be the best choice to get a date for hookup act conditions.

Thus when you look for a date for hookup in Japan, hookup apps/sites could be one of the best choice for your needs.

There are two bulletin boards, Pure and Adult

Try “let meet now” at Pure bulletin board

On the bulletin board , there are many girls who ask for a date today or even now.

On the bulletin board, there are many categories such as “ let meet now ” “let have lunch or dinner today” and others so that you can find and meet a girl in very quick way.

Sample Fee for activities

browsing files FREE

message “ like “ 20 Yen

send messa
ge 50 Yen

see photos with key 20 Yen

see diary FREE

send photos 20 Yen

Please keep it remember that 20 yen or 50 yen are very small amount of money. But when you do a lot of activities on the app, it will sum up to a certain amount of money.  

Be careful of scammers

The features of scammers are as follows.

Using pictures of cute women for celebrity grade

Proactive approach from the female side

They ask for money and ask for a relationship with their body

Asking for 2-30,000 yen only for the first time

Use obscene words in your profile

Popular occupations for men such as nurses and childcare workers

Wide acception of men up to 60 years old or older

Accessing from a computer

The first message is long (template)

Immediately lead you to LINE or KakaoTalk ( do not do this )

our support

We can register and create your profile for each site.

You need to submit your ID when you register hook up apps in Japan.

We also provide translate services to you.

We also advice you on your activities because there are many scammers on hoop up apps.

Any advises or support are always available. 

Sugar daddy sites in Japan

In these days, more and more young Japanese women turn to sugar baby dating for dining and dating.

Take a look at this article.

So if you want to meet a Japanese girl with a certain level of appearance for dating or intimate relationship, sugar daddy sites are surely best choice for your desire.

Brief comparison on hookup sites and sugar daddy dating site in Japan

1. On hookup dating apps in Japan, there are many profiles without photos. On nice looking girls photos are mostly submitted by Gyosha ( scammer )

On the contrary, photos are shown at all sugar daddy dating site

2. age range at users of hookup sites are 18~40 years old men with relatively medium income while users at sugar daddy dating sites are 30~50 years old with relatively higher status with high income

3. Women who register at Japanese hookup dating apps are average looking while women who register at sugar daddy dating apps in Japan are nicer looking appearance.

4. There are some possibility that woman will not show up at the dating spot on Japanese hookup apps while woman will surely show up at the dating spot on sugar daddy dating sites.

5. You can chat with a woman on video in advance at sugar daddy dating site while there will be no such a service for hookup apps

So if you want to meet a young, nice looking Japanese without no show up and know whom you will meet by seeing her photos or by video chat in advance, sugar daddy dating sites are surely best choice for dating.

Here we list up four major sugar daddy-sugar baby sites in Japan.

Love Ann

Sugar Daddy


Universe club

wakuwaku mail

this Wakuwaku mail is a hookup dating site basically, however, there are many sugar daddy messages on the bulletin board, so you can find many Japanese sugar baby on this hookup app

How it works

1. Create account

Go to the site of the user

Click on the button of apply

enter date of birth, sex, location and enter nickname

Enter phone number and password

receive authentication code and enter the code

Press : I agree to the terms of use

Registration complete

2. Create your profile

upload photo             you can skip it

high and your body type

select your type of woman and personality
choose occupation and salary
describe your personality

our support

create your account

create your profile

look for a girl you like to date ( You can also browse girl profile)
send message
arrange for dating ( date, time and location)

Rental girlfriends sites in Japan

Rental girlfriend service in Japan - Japanese hookup dating apps -

A rental girlfriend service that allows you to date cute Japanese girls in Tokyo.

There are several rental girlfriend services available, but we introduce the largest and most reputed rental girlfriend service in Japan, Renkano Tokyo

Renkano Tokyo

number of girls : 193 (as of February 2023)

Age range : 18 to mid-30s

Basic charge :

  • Junior girls 5,000 yen/hour

  • Regular girls 6,000 yen/hour

  • Premium girls 10,000 yen/hour

nomination fee : First nomination is free

2,000 yen after the second time

Transportation fee

  • Tokyo 23 wards 3,000 yen

  • Outside Tokyo 23 wards 4,000 yen

Service contents (optional) :

  •    ·photo shoot

  • Handmade bento box

  • Yukata, swimsuit, cosplay date

  • Christmas, New Year date

Areas for services

  • Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama

all over the location in Japan available, including Kansai, Sendai, Hokuriku, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

Rules and manners for renting a girlfriend

When using a rental girlfriend, you may be wondering how far you are actually allowed.

Basically, sexual acts such as kissing and dating in a closed room are prohibited.

Excessive sexual contact such as putting your hands around your waist is prohibited.

No sexual services at all

excessive skin ship are not allowed,

holding hands or walking arm in arm are allowed

karaoke dating may not be possible due to a closed room

Dating in a closed room such as driving or at home is prohibited

hugging are basically prohibited

  • Clothing such as swimwear and cosplay (optional)

  • Request a model for a photo shoot (optional)

Video of rental girlfriend

Gala drinking in Tokyo

Gala drinking - Japanese hookup dating apps -

What is Gala drinking ?

Visit these sites with Google Translate to understand what it is. This site explain about Gala drinking

How it works

you can login account for gala drink apps

you look for girl to drink with on the app

send message for setup meeting

arrange for dating for drinking

our support

You login and browse girl profile)

If you found a girl to drink together,

We create a message and you send it to her
We translate and also create good message
you send that message to her for date
arrange for dating ( date, time and location)

Companion dating in Japan

Companion dating service in Japan - Japanese hookup dating apps -

In Japan, there is a unique service called companion dating, which beautiful and sexy Japanese women will service you for online-dating, dating, rental girlfriend, golf companion, travel companion and others.

Dating companion

Dating with a companion girl - Japanese hookup dating apps -

Golf companion

Golf companion in Japan - Japanese hookup dating apps -

Travel companion

Travel companion in Japan - Japanese hookup dating apps -

How it works

1.You fill out our application form.

2.We confirm your application and ask questions such as
- what category of companion service you are interested in such as dating companion, golf companion or travel companion.

2. What type of companion you are interested in normal, soft or pink companion ?

3.Date you are interested in dating, golf or travel

4. Choose your prefer location

5. What type of woman you are interested in

     Any other questions you may have.

6. We confirm your preferences to a company. Once         they are confirmed, you pay us the member fee.

7. After payment confirmed, we fill out reservation form for companion service.

8. There will be response from the companion service

9. We translate it and send it to you.

10. If you are satisfied, then we will make a formal reservation to the companion service.

11. We receive the reservation confirmation and send it to you in your language.

Matching cafe in Tokyo

Matching cafe in Tokyo - Japanese hookup dating apps -

If you are in Tokyo, you can easily visit matching cafe located in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and other locations.

You visit matching cafe and easily to chat girls and if both are agree, then you will have a date immediately.

How it works on video

Matching cafes in Tokyo.

Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and others



Shibuya dating cafe/dating & love cafe/two bar Shibuya (


These are the dating sites or dating service available in Tokyo or major cities in Japan. I hope you can enjoy the Japanese dating site and meet a pretty Japanese woman for date.

If you have any questions concerning the Japanese dating sites/apps, please contact to me at

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